Maximize your content’s impact with an informed design that creates customer confidence, loyal shoppers, and brand advocates. Drive conversions through Pixel’s thoughtful strategy and interactive elements, increasing the impact of your brand and digital presence.

User Experience


Develop an overarching approach to utilizing your structure to enhance and reiterate your digital presence. Build or update your structure to reflect your brand position and universal theme.


Connect directly with target customers to understand your expectations, needs, and desires. (Primary user research, competitive research, analogous non-competitive research)


Enable customers to find what they need when they need it. Present meaningful options through cross merchandising, exposing them to undiscovered and related products.


Attract customers to engage with your digital content through aesthetic elements. Help customers find their way meaningfully through conversion funnels with interactive content.


Gain insights to improve performance for user experience. Optimize content with meaningful and measurable changes to improve conversion rates and average order value.
Johnny's Selected Seeds Case Study

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

75% Increase in Seed Orders

Stonewall Kitchen

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Migration


300%+ Revenue Growth

of Americans switch between a number of devices daily.

– Google

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