the close rate for SEO leads, while outbound leads only have a rate of 1.7% Search Engine Journal

Our digital marketing team builds, and continually refines, strategies tailored to your business's needs that deliver results.


We evaluate business needs, identify your target audience, and develop a holistic, integrated strategy that gets your brand better engagement and ROI from every viable channel.


Traffic and engagement statistics from our Pixel Compass™ dashboard highlights success, opportunities, and how and where we go next with your strategy.

Content Marketing

From pages to posts to podcasts, we get the most from every piece of your content attracting valuable visitors and qualified leads with messaging that matters to them.

Email Marketing

With personally crafted messages and targeted audiences, we engage and convert users right from their inbox.

Paid Search

Use our expertise in managing cost-effective search, display, remarketing, video and shopping campaigns to reach new prospects and drive revenue.

Google Premier Partner

Search Engine Optimization

It’s about more than just being first on Google. We make sure you’re sending the right messages to the right customers for right reasons.

View website metrics, insights, and strategy like you've never seen before. The Pixel Compass reporting solution allows you to view all of your data in real-time under one log in. Visit Pixelmediacompass.com to learn more.

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