Star Island: Why PixelMedia Gives Back

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Giving back to the community we live in is a founding principle at PixelMEDIA. It manifests itself in several ways, but for the third year, a small group from our office spent a day on Star Island, an island retreat located off the New Hampshire coast among what is known as the Isles Of Shoals. The air is energized by the sea, and the island is a wonderland for birding enthusiasts.

However, the facilities take a beating through the winter months, so spring is a frantic time to get everything into shape for the summer conference & retreat season, which can see 300-400 guests visit at any given time.

PixelMEDIA developer Joe Pescatello has been visiting the island for years, so it’s understandable that he would want to spend the volunteer hours PixelMEDIA sets aside for each employee to support the ongoing efforts on the island. We never exactly know what is in store for us until we show up. In past years, we’ve painted walls, cleared roofing debris, and has even provided IT support. Of course, there’s always an ad hoc stack of lumber or bags of concrete and plaster that need to be moved. This year, it was decking. We ripped up worn floor boards and replaced them, the beginning part of a plan to fully rebuild this particular walkway next year.

If you live or visit the Portsmouth region regularly and have never been out to Star Island, I recommend you do so. The Isles of Shoals Steamship Company makes regular excursions to the island, so it’s possible to spend the day out there and still make it back to shore for dinner.


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