Managing 3D Visuals for Ecommerce on Salesforce

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3D Visuals on Salesforce

3D Technology Can Increase Sales on All Devices

As customers walk into a retail store, they tend to hold products, see them from various angles, and try them out (depending on the category). When it comes to ecommerce, businesses usually rely on product images to sell, but that doesn’t go far enough to address today’s customer expectations. The good news is that you have options with Salesforce ecommerce integrations.  

3D product configurators have started to gain traction as visual content has become essential to smart marketing strategies, and it is vital to think of creative ways to leverage them. The reason is simple—this type of technology is proven to  excite consumers and boost sales

Many businesses rely on Salesforce integrations to streamline their marketing and sales efforts across all their platforms – mobile messaging, email campaigns, social media content, website landing pages, and social media ads. Now that all the clouds are integrated, how can you leverage visual assets them all?  


of digital shoppers rank product imagery as the number one factor influencing their purchase decisions and businesses need to be smart about how they meet this demand.

Benefits of Real-time 3D Product Configuration  

Product visualization allows businesses to use images, renderings, and artwork for communicating their products to customers. Salesforce has been built 100% in the cloud, which delivers CRM solutions connecting customers, employees, partners and, most importantly, the products without any headaches. 

Salesforce’s Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software modernizes B2B sales by making it easy to model deal scenarios and quickly provide leads with accurate quotes. It also has a visual component calledCPQ visualization software that makes the whole process more seamless. CPQ visualizations are fast, precise, and can render highly configurable, dynamic products.  

There are various benefits of real-time product visualization for driving sales. It offers impressive features to build long-term and loyal customers. You can connect all your teams from sales to marketing to customer service and beyond for guiding each prospect through a personalized customer journey.   

Driving sales, attracting, and converting more buyers has never been easier. With our partners at Threekit, ecommerce brands can now deliver products’ visual configuration in real-time. Threekit’s interactive 3D, Virtual Photographer , and augmented reality can give your business a digital boost.  

Benefits of Real-time Product Visualization for Marketing 

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is especially true when it comes to marketing. Visual advertising has quickly become a key strategy for retailers and is distributed in a variety of forms. Humans are visual learners and have a natural inclination toward visual branding which includes images, graphics, videos, etc. Visual branding helps consumers remember information regarding your brand and keeps you on their mind long after they have moved away. 

Threekit enables brands to easily create millions of visuals of high quality quickly to create an interactive storytelling experience. This technology improves the overall buyers’ experience and differentiates your brand from your competitors. 


 B2B Ecommerce 

80%of B2B buyers believe that visuals are the most important factor that affects their purchasing decision. B2B Ecommerce with Threekit creates powerful online customer experiences with photorealistic images, 3D configuration, or augmented reality, all from a single design file. You can also do visual configuration with BOM, visual self-service, and more with us. You don’t have to creating one-off designs for each prospect. 

B2C Ecommerce in Threekit creates stunning product visuals in 3D, AR, and photorealistic images at scale for your business. Through your smartphone or tablet you can envision all of your products in 3D and augmented reality anywhere at any time. It enables you to eliminate the presumption of buying and selling by allowing customers to experience products virtually in the real environment. 

Getting Started

PixelMEDIA and Threekit have partnered to offer ecommerce brands the ability to create powerful online customer experiences with images, photorealistic images, 3D configuration, and AR. We understand that today’s consumers have very high visual expectations from businesses. For this reason, we are increasingly committed to delivering an unrivaled experience for our clients to meet those expectations. 

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