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Increase Ecommerce Email Revenue with the Top Four Automated Campaigns in Marketing Cloud

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Gone Are The Days of Simple Promotional Email Campaigns 

Email is one of the few digital channels where you’re not just competing for visibility and interaction against your direct competitors, but also companies outside of your industry, all looking to gain visibility and interaction with subscribers. Inboxes are categorizing and prioritizing emails and you’re looking for a way to make your email efforts get the biggest bang for your buck.  


If you’re not including the following four automated campaigns in your ecommerce email channel, you’re ignoring a self-sustaining revenue source.

  • Harness the most effective campaigns 
  • Prioritize them based on your brand’s specific needs.

New Subscriber Welcome 

Make your welcome series do the work for you by delivering your brand’s best first impression. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can develop a cross-channel welcome journey that determines messaging and send times based on your strategic criteria including decision, engagement, and random splits. Marketing Cloud has even simplified getting started with a journey template to get your journey started even faster. 

First impressions matter. Sending a simple subscription confirmation email means you are missing out on an automated multi-touch journey, designed to increase the likelihood of new subscriber conversion rate. Sending a multi-touch email campaign to your newest, highly engaged email users offers ample opportunity to introduce your brand. Welcome emails average:

  • 4x higher open rates
  • 5x higher click-through rates

compared to standard campaigns. This is the best time to set correspondence expectations (how and at what frequency you’re going to connect with them), learn more about them (subscription preferences, topics, how they learned about your brand), and direct them to relevant and useful locations on your site. 

Cart and Browse Abandonment 

Abandonment automations are a no-brainer. Salesforces reports a 69% average online shopping cart abandonment rate. These subscribers were not only engaged, but actively adding products to their cart, but stopped before converting. Remind shoppers of what they were interested in, and then give them reasons why completing the purchase is worth it. Let Marketing Cloud automated journeys increase conversion rates by utilizing Predictive Intelligence (PI) for your abandonment campaigns.  

Marketing Cloud PI allows you to use your customers behavioral data from Commerce Cloud to recommend products both on your website and through email communication. It’s important to understand how different PI recommendations can impact performance and the best scenarios to use given the situation. Just like any content or messaging to customers, Pixel recommends testing scenarios within your emails to ensure you are providing the most influential recommendations for your customers.  

Multi-touch abandonment journeys allow for shoppers that engage and convert over time to be removed from the automation. Align messaging within your automation based on activity levels by harnessing engagement and behavior splits allows you to offer incentives like free shipping to subscribers who might have been turned off by extra costs during initial check out. By segmenting within the abandonment journey, you can strategically target shoppers that need the extra push to convert without over sharing offers. 

Cart and browse abandonment email

Win Back and Re-engagement 

 Including a re-engagement automation journey in Marketing Cloud allows you to interact with subscribers that have fallen off with email engagement. This is an opportunity to offer incentives to non-converters, and cultivate additional engagement through your existing subscriber base.  

On average, email subscriber databases decay 22.5% every year. Work smarter, not harder to re-engage with your dormant subscribers and combat database degradation.

Effective Marketing Cloud win back campaigns include an incentive. Nothing says we miss you like a discount or freebie. Pixel recommends testing with splits in your journey to find the most effective messaging and offer to include in your campaign.  

A re-engagement campaign’s goal is to convert dormant subscribers, but it is also a way to get people that truly will not engage with your email campaigns to opt out. Clean up of your subscriber base leaves you with engaged, brand-loving shoppers who truly want to hear from you. 


Seize the hidden opportunity to deepen your brand’s relationship with shoppers with a post-purchase campaign. confirmations are generated by customer action and are an open invitation for continued communication. Amplify the opportunity by including more than the basic receipt and shipping details. 

In 2018 post-purchase emails generated the highest read rate (44%) and lowest delete-before-reading rate (7%) of any email campaign type.  Customers expect prompt email response when purchasing.

  • Educate shoppers on how to use purchased products 
  • Gather feedback about products and shopping experience 
  • Up-sell, cross-sell products that relate to order 
  • Reward loyalty with special discount codes 
  • Re-order and replenishment reminders 

Retaining customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. Nurture loyalty and encourage future purchases with Marketing Cloud automated journeys. Develop a strategy that works for your brand and boost customer retention and lifetime value with a perfect series of emails. 


Build 1-to1 relationships with your customers by using Salesforce Marketing Cloud automated emails. Follow and support your customer at every stage of their journey. Whether it is showing that you value customers by sending them “we miss you” emails, or asking them to rate their purchase, automated marketing emails will create a strong relationship that leads to more revenue.

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