Pro Tips on Harnessing Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Ecommerce

By October 24, 2019 April 7th, 2021 No Comments
Pro Tips for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an enterprise marketing platform with a plethora of useful tools to help brands successfully develop and manage marketing campaigns. Working with all levels of ecommerce brands, we have gathered some of our top tips for setting your ecommerce email channel up for success on Marketing Cloud. In this 15-min Webinar you will learn:
  1. The Best UTM Tracking Options
  2. How to Manage Data with Contact Delete
  3. How to Implement Einstein Email Recommendations

Pro Tips:

Our first pro tip involves setting up properly formatted UTM parameters to track your various marketing campaigns within Marketing Cloud. As we all know, including UTM tracking gives insights into your campaign performance on-site, and can help further optimize customer journeys and improve ROI. Our second pro tip addresses the relatively fresh option within Marketing Cloud – Contact Delete. This feature within Marketing Cloud Contact Builder allows you to give permissions to your users to delete individual or large amounts of contacts from Marketing Cloud. In general, Contact Delete was created to help users meet data compliance regulations. Maintaining data compliance in Marketing Cloud ensures better data security for your customers, which improves overall consumer confidence. Consistent platform data maintenance reduces maintenance costs over time, and allows for a cleaner database for greater segmentation. We’ve found that a lot of clients are unaware of MC’s Contact Delete functionality, or are unfamiliar with the complexities of executing a large contact delete submission. To help, I’m going to cover general best practices and considerations that Pixel finds useful for sharing with anyone looking to use Contact Delete. The third and final Marketing Cloud pro tip of this webinar discusses how to incorporate personalization within your emails with dynamic Einstein Product Recommendations. Armed with these pro tips, we hope we have provided some useful solutions to implement in your Marketing Cloud platform. Resource Guide: The AMPscript Guide Delete Contact Best Practices Einstein Email Recommendations