Google AdWords: What Are Enhanced Campaigns?

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You’ve received email warnings, account notifications and maybe a letter in the mail (this still happens people!) Google is watching and they know you’ve ignored their requests to update your AdWords account to enhanced campaigns.

The deadline has come and gone, with Google officially launching enhanced campaigns on July 22, 2013. The legacy campaigns in your account? Yes, they’ve been automatically enrolled into enhanced campaigns.

So, why is Google launching enhanced campaigns? What does this mean for advertisers and searchers?

Enhanced campaigns are ultimately aimed at improving the relevancy of ads served to Google searchers on the move. Google users are constantly connected and switching devices throughout the day. They may begin a search at home on a laptop, continue on a desktop at the office and then resume again on a mobile device while watching TV at home.

Previously, advertisers would have to create and manage multiple campaigns with the same keywords targeting each of these opportunities or devices. Now, with enhanced campaigns, advertisers can manage their campaigns more effectively across these many devices and serve ads to users that more closely match the context they are searching in. Google facilitates this by allowing you to perform bid adjustments that will target mobile users, specific locations and times of day, all within one campaign!

Think back to the last time you searched for a pizza place. It was after work at 5 o’clock; you got in your car and searched “pizza pickup” on your mobile device. Then, you were served an ad for $2 off any pizza picked up in-store that’s located right down the street from your office. Ta-Da, enhanced campaigns in action!

As a super saavy AdWords Professional already enrolled in Enhanced Campaigns, you know the ad you saw was probably targeted to you as a result of a bid adjustment to increase visibility in the evening, on a mobile device, within a certain radius of the pizza shop location. All of these bid adjustments were aimed at serving you an ad that’s super relevant to your search.

With Enhanced Campaigns, budgets can be targeted to specific users based on time of day, location or device all within one campaign. This is great news for advertisers! If you were an early adopter of Enhanced Campaigns, you’re already reveling in the ease of managing your bids over multiple devices within a single campaign. As for the rest of you, it’s time to embrace enhanced campaigns! Your ads can be more easily managed for searcher relevancy, and that ultimately means more conversions. Enhanced campaigns, it’s a good thing!

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