Dries Buytaert Talks Acquia, Drupal, $30 Million In Funding

By December 10, 2012 December 18th, 2017 No Comments

Last Thursday, PixelMEDIA had the pleasure of hosting Dries Buytaert, founder of the popular open source content management framework Drupal. In his talk, he estimated Drupal powers around 1% of the websites on the Internet, attributing much of its success to the passionate and dedicated community of designers and developers around the world.

Dries mentioned often that this open source software model, combined with this dedicated community, inevitably leads to innovation. An example: when Pinterest became popular, the Drupal Community was able to release a Pinterest module before any other closed source platform. This allowed organizations using Drupal to integrate this feature into their sites much sooner than their competitors.

Drupal is not without its flaws, much of the reason Dries co-founded his company Acquia in 2007. Acquia is a private company that supports enterprise level companies that use Drupal. They provide their customers with software, consultation, hosting, and services to help them launch sites faster and keep them running with more confidence.

On the day, Dries spoke at PixelMEDIA, Acquia announced raising $30 million in funding. When asked what the company would do with this money, he mentioned much would go towards marketing Drupal in European and Asian countries. With mobile internet usage growing fast in these regions. it only makes sense.

Dries touched upon some of the core features we can expect to come in Drupal 8. There are 6 core Drupal 8 Initiatives listed on “D-dot-oh“: Configuration Management, Web Services. Design, Multilingual, HTML 5 and Mobile. Dries did not go into detail about all of these initiatives but did seem excited most about the Mobile and Web Services. Drupal 7 (current stable release) is capable of all these features but not all are “baked in”. With Drupal 8, developers will be able to run a mobile-friendly responsive website or push JSON data to web applications without needing to install any modules.