5 Mobile Ecommerce Trends To Evaluate

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It probably isn’t breaking news, but mobile consumers are flooding online shopping venues in record numbers. According to recent statistics, mobile devices account for a whopping 66% of all time spent on ecommerce sites as mobile adoption finds itself at an all-time high.

To learn how your brand can capitalize on mobile, it’s important to understand the trends in the ecommerce sector first

1 – Retailers Up Their Game

This boom in mobile ecommerce is partially due to the activities of savvy retailers. Increasingly sophisticated in their mobile marketing campaigns, marketers are able to target customers based on mobile data with greater precision and increased relevance. CRM and marketing automation solutions have also increased in sophistication in recent years, giving companies additional ways to profile and reach customers through targeted initiatives like mobile advertising campaigns.

Technology to support mobile ecommerce has also come of age. Mobile payment systems like Google Wallet and Apple Pay are incentivizing consumers with added convenience, and bonuses like rewards and coupons. The adoption of NFC (near field communication) capabilities in both iOS and Android devices will no doubt continue to spur mobile ecommerce growth with novel and captivating use cases.

2 – Where The Action Is

The mobile audience may be a broad spectrum of buyers, but their purchasing patterns can provide important insight as you decide where to spend your mobile marketing dollars.

3- Re-platforming and wearables

This infographic highlights the sales increase that comes from re-platforming your mobile-friendly site to a native app. Wearables also represent a new mobile category with huge potential for apparel retailers, sporting goods brands, and footwear. Sales are expected to reach $30.2 billion by 2018 with smart watch sales estimated to reach $12.5 billion by 2018!

4- Popular Categories of Mobile Spending

In a March 2014 Marketing Charts study on ecomm spending, the top three purchases made on tablet devices are:

  • Apparel/accessories (47% of users)
  • Books (45% of users)
  • Electronics and music (41% on each)

For smart phone users, the most common purchases made were:

  • Apparel/accessories (28%)
  • Electronics (21%)
  • Music (17%)

Clearly, developing or improving your company’s online shopping experience on tablet devices should be a high priority if you’re in the apparel and accessories business.

5 – Tablet-Based Ecommerce On The Rise

Right now, mobile ecommerce is shifting away from smartphones to tablets. Tablet users averaged $329 per orderin 2012, while smartphone users averaged $250 per order. Overall shopping habits also reflect this increase in both order size and volume as nearly $14 billion was spent shopping from tablets with $9.9 billion spent from smartphones.

That makes sense as larger screens and recreational usage patterns (e.g., unwinding in coffee shop, lying on the sofa) make for suitable buying conditions. As a retailer, you should continue ramping up your mobile marketing efforts, but keep a close eye on optimizing the shopping experiences for tablet users.


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