2016 Letter from Erik Dodier, CEO

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Everything starts with idea.

Making ideas real. This is the reason that PixelMEDIA exists today. In 1994, the idea was simply to find out if a couple guys could start a business to help companies communicate using this new thing called digital media. This idea evolved into creating a work environment that would attract people that had an idea to get into this new and evolving digital space, and they just needed a company to let their talents grow. Eventually we were able to shift resources to organizations in the community where we could help them make their ideas of making a difference into reality. And it was then we knew that we would aim PixelMEDIA to serve three audiences: our people, our clients, and our community. And at our core, we would be able to help each of these audiences make their ideas real using digital media as the tool. Whether it is an employee that has an idea to learn a new skill, a client that has an idea to reach a new target audience, or a non-profit that wants to promote arts and culture in the Seacoast, PixelMEDIA wants to participate in making those ideas happen. And as we enter a new year, below are a few of the ideas we are working to make real in 2016.

Client idea:
Getting personal

Something we value at PixelMEDIA is the importance of relationships – with each other, with our clients, and with our community. But can we take the same importance that is placed on human interactions, and translate it into the web sites and technology solutions we bring to our clients? Can a website make relationships matter? We think yes. Technology now allows a website to learn about the people who are visiting, and then make the relationship the website has with the user, more personal. This already happens when you shop on Amazon. Every time you go back it’s like the website can read your mind and know what else you might need or want. For Amazon, they have Powerball sized budgets to invest in the technology to make that happen. But what about for your website? Well, the technology is becoming more approachable in terms of investment needed and ease of implementation to do the same type of personalization.

Community idea:
Become part of the solution

We build at least one site for a non-profit each year. Sometimes a few. And the team here loves working on these sites. Often because the organizations we are working with are so appreciative to have the help. But more often, I learn that members of the team have a personal experience that connects them to the cause we are trying to help. Most recently, we launched a site for We were doing this to support a friend of mine that had been diagnosed with ALS in spring of 2015. What I learned is the members of the team also had a family member or friend that had been impacted by ALS. These are the unique experiences that we discover about each other that make us a more powerful organization. We want to encourage more people to become involved in worthy efforts. The experiences you can bring to a cause, can strengthen that organization, and just may be what that organization needs to help them make their idea real.

Company idea:
Enlightened approach to work

We have seen great change in how, when, and where work gets done in the past 20 years, and even much of that in the past five. Most of this change across all workplaces is aimed at creating more flexibility for employees so they can both get their work done, and at same time fulfill personal passions and family responsibilities. We have been experimenting and implementing new approaches to try and balance the needs of the staff, with the needs of the business. I think we have made great progress with flex-time, work from home, etc., but we still have some work to do to be sure staff are empowered to get their work done, while knowing they have the flexibility for personal and family lives. I am sure there will be bumps to get there, including for some who may even prefer more structure over more flexibility, but we envision a more enlightened approach to work. An approach that will produce better results for our clients in an environment with people who will be more in control of all aspects of their work and life.

So these are a few of the ideas we will be working on for 2016. I am always proud of the group of people that comes together each year to make new ideas become real for our clients, our community and ourselves. And I expect this year will be no different. 2016….here we come.

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